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Synthetic Turf Contractor in Bay Area

There is an eco-friendly way to have a beautiful lush green landscape without maintenance and water.  It will save you money and is hassle free. What is it?  It’s our synthetic turf for homes and businesses. You can save on landscaping by having creative professionals with integrity install eye-pleasing synthetic turf in your lawn.

Liven up your scene with some green

Many of us struggle to keep our lawns green all year. Without a lot of water and maintenance, it’s almost impossible. If you’re a busy professional you don’t have time to take care of your lawn yourself. Hiring a service to regularly care for your lawn can be expensive, wasteful, and possibly ineffective. Instead of letting your yard remain a dreary beige color, liven it up with some green synthetic turf.


Synthetic turf appears to be well-kept grass but doesn’t require the fertilizer, pesticides, and regular mowing that real grass requires.  That means you won’t be destroying the environment by maintaining your lawn.

Fertilizer and pesticides can leave your yard in the form of runoff. Then they go into local streams where they do their damage. Pesticides poison wildlife while fertilizers can lead to eutrophication which is a reduced oxygen supply in the water.  Without enough oxygen in the water, fish and other creatures can’t survive.

By using synthetic turf you’re doing your part to help the environment. Protect fish and other wildlife by having maintenance free turf installed at your home or business.

How to install synthetic turf grass

The best part is that you can relax while professionals do all the work for you. At Smartscaping, we are professionals with experience and creativity. When you envision your perfect lawn, we can help manifest your vision with a unique design custom made for your home. Call us today and see why we’re #1 in customer satisfaction.